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Real Jobs Florida

Job and Employment Training

Employment & Training

Our Employment and Training Program is simple and straightforward: present clients with gainful and stable employment opportunities and enhance our client’s strengths and skills to remain employed. We provide an in-depth intake and evaluation process, which allows us to get to know our clients. We work at building trust without clients to maximize the support the client receives in finding and maintaining employment. Our goal is for our clients to enjoy and feel stimulated at the job they are doing on a daily basis.

On-The-Job Training

Understanding some of our clients may have little to no work experience, we provide clients with on-the-job training that bridges our clients with local employers that are willing to train prospective hires. This program starts clients off as trainees for a set amount of time and pays the trainees to learn the skills needed to be successful in a given field. Trainees who prove themselves during the trial employment period are often extended a job offer, which is a solid first towards long-term employment.

Pre-Placement Training Course

Entering the workforce can be stressful for any new hire. Therefore, our clients are coached in an array of areas to maximize success at the workplace. For instance, we begin by training clients on how to search for employment opportunities and conducting mock interviews. Clients may also benefit from resume building training to highlight their strengths and skills. Training in fostering positive self esteem and confidence allows clients to begin their new journey with the right mindset and routine. These training sessions maximize our client’s hiring potential and are life-long skills.

Supported Employment

Certain clients may find the individualized attention that the Supported Employment training program offers to be beneficial. This service provides resources at the workplace to build confidence in performing the task and touches on incorporating basic communication and social skills.


Monica Felices

Monica Felices has served the South Florida community for over 30 years. Her reputation is renowned within the Vocational Rehabilitation community as someone in tune with the employment market. She has helped thousands of clients find jobs using her fluency in English, Spanish, Russian, and is dedicated to serving those who want to change their lives. Monica has a Masters degree in Biology and is devoted to her family and faith.